FDI in Mexico Essay

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. FDI IN MEXICO To begin describing how has been the growth and progress of FDI in Mexico it is important to define FDI itself. According to the OECD Economic Outlook of 2003, Foreign Direct Investment is “an activity in which an investor resident in one country obtains a lasting interest in, and a significant influence on the management of, an entity resident in another country. This may involve either creating an entirely new enterprise or, more typically, changing the ownership of existing enterprises (via mergers and acquisitions)” (157). a.     Mexican International Relations Synopsis Mexico first opened its market in 1973 with a law that promoted Mexican investment and regulated the entry of foreign…show more content…
a     10/01/1995     01/01/1995 FTA Mexico - Bolivia     Bolivia     11/01/1995     01/01/1995 FTA Mexico - Nicaragua     Nicaragua     1/07/1998     01/01/1998 FTA Mexico - Chile     Chile     28/07/1999     01/01/1999 UEFTA     European Union     26/06/2000     01/01/2000 FTA Mexico - Israel     Israel     28/06/2000     01/01/2000 FTA Mexico - TN     El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras     14/03/2001     El Salvador and Guatemala 15/03/2001 Honduras 01/06/2001 FTA Mexico - AELC     Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland     29/06/2001     01/07/2001 FTA Mexico - Uruguay     Uruguay     14/07/2004     15/07/2004 FTA Mexico - Japan     Japan          17/09/2004 Source: Mexican Economic Department http://economia.gob.mx For more information see Table 2 in
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