FDR and Pearl Harbor

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Conspiracy says FDR allowed Pearl Harbor to get attacked. Did he really let Pearl Harbor get attacked, or did he not know at all? I do not think he really did. When he found out about the attack, he was really calm. He acted like he did not care. People believe FDR knew of the attack because the Americans had cracked the Japanese codes, warned of the attacks, and a general location they were going to attack.
A series of Japanese codes broken by the U.S. Crytologist in 1920 revealed the country preparation for war, after decoding another of message that orders a ship to be position in Pearl Harbor (Glick). Before the raid Britain had broken Japanese codes and had key clues (Glick). They broke Japan’s diplomatic code; American officials knew about the Japan’s Embassy order to destroy its codes machines (Pearl Harbor). On October 9, 1941 the War Department decoded a Tokyo-to-Honolulu dispatch instructing the consul General to divide Pearl Harbor into five areas and to tell the exact location of American ship in that area (Perloff). The Dutch army decoded a dispatch forecasting attacks on four areas including Hawaii (Perloff). There were a lot of different Japanese codes that were cracked, warning of the Japanese going to attack on Pearl Harbor.
The code word “go” was not relayed to Hawaii (Glick). U.S. military officials picked up coded radio broadcast that was worldwide in Japan three days before attack (Glick). The ten demands for lifting an oil embargo America had
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