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Description of FEA: Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a computer programme the simulates a model’s behaviour under certain conditions. This is usually used in industry when construction and testing of a model is not feasible. The Analysis is done by dividing the object into a mesh of elements by joining nodes together. The mesh can be generated by written coding on a notepad and running the code on the programme. When solving the model for any required values the software applies the related equations to each node; this method could be completed by hand however computers can complete this task in a fraction of the time. Procedure Undertaken: The assessment consisted of 3 parts, the bag support straps and the support beams. The…show more content…
It can be seen from the appendix that this displacement is in the Z direction. You can also see that the maximum displacement in the Y direction is 0.21981e-19mm. The point at which maximum deflection occurs is recorded for the beam and the data is shown in figure 1.2. The stress results from the I-Beam are recorded in appendix 1.2. When Analysing this data, you can see that the stress along the beam stays the same between the 2 boundary conditions at node 7 and 40 because the beam is effectively fixed at these nodes due to the boundary conditions. The maximum stress for this beam is 55.476N/mm2. The stress changes at either end of this beam (nodes 0-7) and (nodes 40-46) because this portion of the beam is comparable to a cantilever as one end is not fixed. Max displacement Max Stress I-Beam 9.8143 55.476 Displacement and stress of Hollow beam: Figure 1.3 The Analysis of the Hollow beam appeared to differ from the I-Beam as you would expect because the cross sections have changed. Looking at Appendix 1.3 The hollow beam appears to have a much greater displacement than the I-Beam. It occurred on the same node (24) however this time the value was 9.11818mm. This shows that the difference in cross section has effected the displacement drastically. The maximum displacement in the Y-direction has also changed giving a value of 0.25177E-020. Looking at Appendix 1.4 you can see the stresses of the Hollow beam have also changed.
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