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1. Congress expanded the authority of FEMA to provide assistance and imposed requirements on federal officials to ensure that effective pre-disaster preparation action would be taken through the Post-Katrina Emergency Reform Act of 2006. Briefly explain four of the major changes to the Stafford Act that resulted.
The resulted overview post Katrina evaluated the deficiency of leadership and action. The conclusion was the revision of the federal emergency management policies and it reorganized the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA); and enhanced and clarified the mission, functions, and authorities of the agency, as well as those of its parent, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The four modifications made
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What one satellite band, without considering cost and current availability, would you recommend to an emergency manager for communications in an emergency and why?

The selection of satellites bands with wider frequencies allows a variety of information to travel and decreases the limitation of usage by the users. The Ka-Band (26-40GHz) the communication satellites provides high resolution, close ranges targeting radar on military crafts(TIA,2013). The current suggestion of band would be the Ka-Band (26-40GHz) the communication satellites allows high resolution, close ranges that support strong military functions(TIA,2013). advancements to the developing concept, identify leverage over the other choices, utilizing Ka-bands do propose substantiated risks however, it is still operable (Lewis, 2014). Users offering themselves a band with wider frequency means information can transfer swiftly whereas, a smaller frequency could offer more accuracy but limits the user capability. All forums offer positive attribute and consequential attributes but overall the assessment has to be made by the operation leader. As technology develops engineers are developing ideal that are properly modified to support the needs of the community and excel in
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