FERPA- Family Edicational Rights and Privacy Act

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FERPA Privacy was once taken for granted in public education, but now through the 1974 law, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act it is pushed to the forefront of the minds of every educator in the United States (Cossler, 2010). This law has paved the way for many lawsuits regarding privacy of student’s records, which have left teachers scared, undereducated and unaware of certain regulations of the law. FERPA laws provide protections for students, but also allow access of all student records to the student’s custodial parents, which in some situations has cause problems and in some cases have specifically brought clarifications of the law. Has the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act provided the much needed privacy for students …show more content…
Regulations in place to ensure compliance is records locked and secures in a records room which only administration and secretarial staff have access, no work that has a student name and/or grade may be displayed or put where any other person besides the teacher could see, no release of any personal information over the phone, and many other policies set n place to protect the district, teachers and students. Although district policies are in place, there are some loopholes, which unfortunately result in litigation for non-compliance or different interpretation of the law. In 1997, a parent named Ms. Falvo demanded a very specific interpretation of the FERPA law from the Tenth Circuit court (Bennett & Brower, 2001). She had moved into a new district, which incorporated peer-to-peer grading, and then the teacher would have them read their grades allowed in order to record them. After her children came home and complained about being embarrassed, she biased the teacher and complained directly to administration and the superintendent of the district and demanded that this grading policy be changed (Bennett & Brower, 2001). Administration and district officials did not agree with Ms. Falvo citing that many of the peer graded papers were not recorded into the grade book and the students that were embarrassed were able to report their grades in confidence (Bennett &
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