FIFA 18 Essay

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Last year, FIFA 17 was the best selling game on the PS4 with over a whopping 10 million units sold worldwide. Not only did it perform exceptionally well on the PlayStation, on all platforms, it came second to Pokemon Sun/Moon on the 3DS. Unquestionably, EA's FIFA series is huge.

It's fair to say, certainly by now at least, EA Sports know that they're going to top the sales charts each year. While it's possible this may cause complacency, EA never seem to rest on their laurels. Although last year saw significant refinements from FIFA 16 to 17, there certainly isn't as many wholesale changes in FIFA 18. However, subtle improvements to the gameplay, as well as new features in the Career Mode means FIFA 18 is EA's most complete FIFA to date.
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Pleasingly, although not perfectly, FIFA 18 stays true to the style of play certain teams are known for. Though one can argue that this was true of FIFA 17 and to a degree, previous installments, the 2017/2018 season is still in its infancy and where Liverpool play a similar way to last season, Man City's attacking style is slighly different with FIFA 18 mimicking it rather well.

The care for attention to detail is also true to that of individulal players. While it would be impossible to uniquely program thousands of players individually, the bigger name, as well as some lesser known players, all have their own style of play. Of course, Ronaldo and Messi play like their real life counterparts but it's refreshing to see a player like Matt Ritchie behave in a similar fashon to real life.

While tactical set ups and individual players are sound, as far as AI behaviour goes when adapting during a match, I haven't noticed too many differences between FIFA's 17 and 18. However, one noticible difference involves how teams react when falling a goal or two behind.

One gripe I've always had of FIFA games is how the AI reacts to going a goal or two down early on. Teams tend to go kamikaze and pile men forward prematurity leaving gaps in defence. This behaviour is common at the latter stages of a real match but not so much early on. With FIFA 18, teams do seem less partial to keep throwing men forward nonsensically when falling behind, now only doing so when the
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