FIFA's Not So Objective Role in Football

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FIFA's Not So Objective Role in Football Football has always historically been known as the most played, most loved, and most influential sport in the world. The history of football, which was first played by the ancient Greeks and Romans, is a long one that has played some role in shaping almost every country's culture as we know it today. The game of football is seen by many as a game that has the rare power to bring nations together. Football is a language that every nation can speak, where despite the many differences in cultures between nations; football is a massive part of almost every European, South American, and Asian nation's cultures. Whether it is a nation like England, where organized and governed football games first…show more content…
The World Cup allows countries to display their nationalism in supporting their countries team, but to also show how the game of football is a language that we all speak regardless of your religion, language, political views, and culture. The objectivity of FIFA on picking the location of recent World Cups has brought FIFA and its president Sepp Blatter under heavy criticism. FIFA has specifically been criticized regarding the role of politics in objectively picking each World Cup's location (Plaja, Steffi). Objectively picking a World Cup location requires specific criteria for a location to be considered, some countries just do not have the infrastructure among other criteria to host the World Cup. As a non-governmental organization, FIFA is required to hold a political objectivity when choosing the location for each World Cup. Recent allegations of corruption in the location selection process have brought FIFA's highest members under heavy criticism. FIFA's current selection process allows countries who want to host the World Cup to submit bids to FIFA. The bidding process allows for politics to become heavily integrated into the overall selection process (Plaja, Steffi). Allowing countries to bid for the ability to host the World Cup provides some countries with a significant advantage over others to win the bid. FIFA's bidding process has allowed politics
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