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FIN 571 Final Exam Multiple Choice Question 51 You are provided the following working capital information for the Ridge Company: Ridge Company Account $ Inventory $12,890 Accounts receivable 12,800 Accounts payable 12,670 Net sales $124,589 Cost of goods sold 99,630 Cash conversion cycle: What is the cash conversion cycle for Ridge Company? 38.3 days 46.4 days 83.5 days 129.9 days Find the final exam answers here FIN 571 Final Exam Multiple Choice Question 58 The cash conversion cycle begins when the firm uses its cash to purchase raw materials and ends when the firm collects cash payments on its credit sales. estimates how long it takes on average for the firm to collect its outstanding accounts receivable balance. shows…show more content…
If the firm's growth in dividends is expected to remain at a flat 3 percent forever, then what is the cost of equity capital for Gangland if the price of its common shares is currently $17.50? 15.36% 12.00% 14.65% 15.00% Multiple Choice Question 68 How firms estimate their cost of capital: The WACC for a firm is 13.00 percent. You know that the firm's cost of debt capital is 10 percent and the cost of equity capital is 20%. What proportion of the firm is financed with debt? 30% 50% 70% 33% Complete paper here FIN 571 Knowledge Check Multiple Choice Question 60 What decision criteria should managers use in selecting projects when there is not enough capital to invest in all available positive NPV projects? The profitability index. The modified internal rate of return. The internal rate of return. The discounted payback. Multiple Choice Question 88 Capital rationing. TuleTime Comics is considering a new show that will generate annual cash flows of $100,000 into the infinite future. If the initial outlay for such a production is $1,500,000 and the appropriate discount rate is 6 percent for the cash flows, then what is the profitability index for the project? 0.11 1.90 1.11 0.90 Multiple Choice Question 79 PV of dividends: Next year Jenkins Traders will pay a dividend of $3.00. It expects to increase its dividend by

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