FL Schools Vs. Year-Round Schools

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Should FL schools be year-round is an interesting topic. FL schools should have a year-round schedule because it gives families a length of time to go on long trips, and teens can have summer jobs. However year-round schools can be good because it helps kids academically. But choosing traditional school systems are still the best choice.

Florida schools should have a traditional setup because it gives families a length of time go on long vacations. According to text 2 “ Unless the entire district converts to the same callander, parents with kids in different schools can find it troublesome to plan vacations.” This shows that unless the whole district converts to year-round parents with kids in different schools can have a lot of trouble planning vacations, or other activities that may
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According to text one “If students are in a school year-round, they can’t have summer jobs and sports teams’ schedules become difficult to figure out.” This shows that if their is a year-round schedule both summer jobs and sports schedules would be hard to figure out. If you were to apply for a job for 15 days, every 45 days, 99% of employers would say no. Most people can’t walk into a store, say something like that, and have the employer say yes. This shows that having a traditional school is better than a year-round school.

Some people believe that having year-round schools because it helps kids academically. According to text 2 “... One of the main reasons for switching to year-round schools is to improve students academically…” This shows that switching to year-round helps students academically, most likely by not needing to review material. However later the same article/text says “...Their is no concrete proof that students improve academically.” This shows that contrary to the first piece of evidence, there is no proof that switching to year-round school, does not help students academic
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