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FLIPPED-CLASSROOM MODEL: PROMOTING BLENDED LEARNING IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING CLASSROOM IN INDONESIA Atik Ulinuha ( Nurul Hidayah Pratama ( Universitas Negeri Malang Jl. Semarang 5, Malang, Indonesia Abstract: This paper intends to promote the use of blended learning for English Language Teaching in Indonesia. There are several models of blended learning that can be implemented by the teachers to teach the ‘Net’ generation, they are rotation models, flex model, self-blend model and enriched-virtual model. Flipped-classroom model is one of the rotation models where students rotate on a fixed schedule between face-to-face teacher-guided practice on campus during the standard school day and online…show more content…
The basic principle of blended learning is that face-to-face oral communication and online written communication are optimally integrated such that the strengths of each are blended into a unique educational purpose. In addition to that, Bart (2010:7) also stated that those combinations, face-to-face and online activities, gave cost-effective way dealing with overcrowded classrooms and a convenient alternative to the traditional classroom experience. In short, blended learning is not merely adding technology, a device or a tutoring program. It certainly is not replacing teachers with computers. It is not the tech, it is how the tech is used. The blended learning approach to instruction combines face-toface classroom methods with online-based/mediated activities, resulting in an integrated learning experience for students. Horn and Staker (2012:8-15) depicted four models of blended learning that categorize the majority of blended-learning programs used today. Figure 2. Models of Blended Learning The following are definitions of the models and sub-models from figure 2. 1. The Rotation model is one in which within a given course or subject, students rotate on a fixed schedule or at the teacher’s discretion between learning modalities, at least one of which is online learning. Other modalities might include
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