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FON241 Principles of Human Nutrition Quiz 3 This assignment is worth 30 points. Please make sure you have answered all questions prior to submitting. Once you click the submit button, you will not be able to return to this section. Question 1 of 30 Which of the following atoms is always found in a molecule of glucose? Carbon Sodium Calcium Nitrogen Question 2 of 30 Which of the following is a feature of an essential amino acid? It is not necessary in the diet. It must be supplied by the diet. It can be made from fat in the body. It can be made from glucose in the body. Question 3 of 30 Which of the following describes a process in protein synthesis? The code to make a protein is carried by…show more content…
it takes at least 6 months to document changes in muscle accretion. the weight he has gained can be attributed to a substantial increase in his protein stores. because muscle accretion only responds to very lean meat choices, he should eliminate the fatty bacon and steak from his diet to promote muscle gain. Question 23 of 30 When energy-yielding nutrients are consumed in excess, which one(s) can lead to storage of fat? Fat only Carbohydrate only Fat and carbohydrate only Fat, carbohydrate, and protein Question 24 of 30 In addition to energy, what are the principal end products of cellular oxidation of carbohydrates? Water and carbon dioxide Carbon, hydrogen, and urea Indigestible fiber and nitrogen Monosaccharides and amino acids Question 25 of 30 Which of the following is a characteristic of ketosis? It may lead to a lowering of blood pH. It leads to increased appetite in most individuals. It may be alleviated quickly by ingestion of some dietary fat. It is a necessary physiological adjustment for maximum weight loss. Question 26 of 30 Which of the following is a feature of the metabolism of surplus dietary fat? Excess fat is almost all stored. Excess fat promotes increased fat oxidation. Excess fat spares breakdown of body proteins. Conversion of excess fat to storage fat is inefficient.

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