FON Report Summary

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The recommendations of the FON report by the IOM (2011) can have an important impact on the nursing workforce. The first recommendation discusses withdrawing restriction on the scope of practice of APRNs. Currently nurse practitioners (NPs), clinical nurse specialists (CNSs), certified nurse midwives (CNM), and certified nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) licensing and regulations related to their scope of practice vary from state to state. According to several reports (Hain & Fleck, 2014; IOM, 2010) only one-third of states grant NPs the ability to practice and prescribe medications without working under a physician. Allowing APRNs to practice to have full practice authority will increase the number of nurses who further their education to become…show more content…
They partnered with the RWJF to establish “The Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action to improve America’s health through nursing” (Campaign for Action, n.d.a, para. 2) “and build healthier communities” (RWJF, 2015, para. 2). Coordinated through the AARP’s Center to Champion Nursing in America, their purpose is to fulfill six proposed changes from FON report (Campaign for Action, n.d.a). After the IOM’s follow up report in 2015 the Campaign…show more content…
Once their purpose was established the Campaign sought to create state action coalitions to help meet the six core recommendations (Campaign for Action, n.d.b). The Campaign for Action reached out to each state in an attempt to form state-based action coalitions who could work at local, regional, and state levels to carry out the FON recommendations (Reinhard & Hassmiller,
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