FSCJ BSC2085c LAB4 Histology JFoster Essay example

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BSC 2085C: Anatomy and Physiology
Lab 4: Histology

Name ___

Directions: There are five (5) activities in this lab. Please be sure to complete them all. For all questions, type your answers into the yellow box ____ (including your name above) it will expand as you write.

Activity 1: Tissue Types

1-1: List the four types of tissue found in the human body and give an example of each.

1. _Epithelial__example: Skin_

2. Connective_ example: Tendons___
3. _Muscle__example: Muscles of heart_

4. _Nervous_example: Brain__

Activity 2: Epithelial tissue

2-1: What are the characteristics of epithelial tissue? _Polarity, Specialized contacts, Supported of connective tissue, Avascular but innervated
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Thinner, more darkly stained elastic fibers composed of the protein elastin can also be seen. The principal type of cells seen are lightly-staining fibroblasts that secrete the matrix materials.


1. _Fibroblast nuclei___
2. _Collagen Fiber___
3. _Elastic Fibers___

3-6: This slide shows a section of a tendon with regularly arranged closely packed collagen fibers running in the same direction. This results in a flexible tissue with great resistance to pulling forces. With its enormous tensile strength, this tissue forms cord like tendons, which join muscles to bones, sheet-like aponeuroses, which attach muscles to muscles or muscles to bones, and ligaments, which bind bones together at joints.
What classification of connective tissue is this? _Dense regular___

The nuclei of the cells that secrete the collagen fibers are indicated by the number 1. What type cells are these? _Collagen Fibers___

3-7: The cells of the connective tissue pictured below in a cross section from the trachea are specialized for fat storage and do not form ground substance or fibers. On prepared slides, this type tissue appears somewhat like a fish net with white spaces connected together in a network. The cytoplasm and nucleus have been pushed to one side by a single, large, fat-filled…

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