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Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel was born on April 21, 1782 in Oberweissbach, Germany, a small village in the Thuringian Forest. His father was a Lutheran Protestant minister who had a large congregation and little time for five sons and his mother died when he was nine months old making his childhood rather traumatic and depressing. These distressing childhood experiences shaped him into the teacher he would one day become. His upbringing was facilitated by his older brothers and the servants that ran his father’s household but lacked a feminine presence that Froebel desperately desired. This unfulfilled need of a mothers influence and love would create the foundation on which Froebel would build his idea and create a special early…show more content…
At the age of ten his mother’s brother visited the parsonage and took an interest in young Friedrich. The admiration was mutual as Friedrich suddenly found himself out of his father’s care and living with his uncle Herr Hoffman. For the next five years Froebel enjoyed a stable and caring household to grow up in and an excellent education at the local school. At the age of 15 he found himself again in the care of his father and while staying there, noting his affinity for the natural sciences, decided he should become an apprentice with a forester where he would learn forestry, geometry and land surveying in preparation for later becoming an agriculturist. (Downs 14) The apprenticeship was not as successful as Friedrich might have hoped. His instructor had learned his craft through years at experience. While his knowledge over his subject was rather extensive, he was an inadequate teacher who was also absent for long periods of time. The two years as an apprentice were spent reading books about botany and studying forest nature. These years spent in reflection and the study of nature founded the educational theories and practices he would use later in his instructive career. In the summer of 1799, Froebel was delivering a money parcel to his brother at the University of Jena for his father when he where he “was seized by the stirring of intellectual life of the place, and I

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