FXT2 Task 1 Essay

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FXT2 Enterprise Continuity
The purpose of this presentation is to educate you on disaster recovery plans and/or enterprise continuity plan. The following slide will include basic structures, roles in the plan, and employee awareness.

FXT2 Enterprise Continuity Plan
The presentation will cover the following topics

• Employee responsibilities of a ECP/DRP
• Operational disturbance optimization
• High level employee education plan
• ECP/DRP content with input from IT vendors
• Employee awareness education program

FXT2 Enterprise Continuity Plan
• Team Responsibilities

• Emergency Management Team
-- Top tier of emergency response team that manages lower teams.
• Physical Security Team
-- Responsible for maintaining physical security
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Failure points could be hardware/software or personnel. To mitigate these points assessments will be made in how to best mitigate the failure and what would need to be done to prevent it from causing an outage.
• Examples

Single point would be one user knows how a specific system/hardware functions. He/She is out sick during and outage or in my case people like to say gets hit by a bus. To mitigate this, hire additional resources or cross train resources to handle the system/hardware as a backup function in the even he/she is out of the office.

Instead of having one physical piece of hardware that could fail, setup virtualization with redundancy. Virtualization platforms today have the ability to shift a virtual machine from one physical host to another in the event of a failure to provide fault tolerance.

FXT2 Enterprise Continuity Plan
Facilities/Security Layer Organization

• This layer deals with the physical aspects of the campus. For example, heating, cooling, power, access controls to secured locations of the campus.
• Examples

Work with power provider(s) to establish redundant power from multiple grids.

Establish generator services for portions of the campus where power downtime is not acceptable.

FXT2 Enterprise Continuity Plan
A3. Disaster Recovery Training

• First define the most senior personnel to provide administration in the

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