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AFTER ACTION REPORT SURVEY TEMPLATE Earthquake located on the San Andreas Fault line GENERAL INFORMATION Information Needed Text goes in text boxes below. Name of Organization: LPHG Type of Organization: 501(c)(3) charity Region: (Coastal, Inland, or Southern) Coastal Completed by: Darian DeSombre Date report completed: 03/24/2014 Type of event, training, or exercise: (actual event, table top, functional or full-scale exercise, pre-identified planned event, training, seminar, workshop, drill, game, etc.) Actual Event Summary of the Disaster: An Earthquake that registered 7.8 on the Richter Scale which lasted approximately 1 minute caused catastrophic damage to the City of Berkeley and LPHG. As a result of the Earthquake 31…show more content…
Documents Backup and Recovery document provides clear instructions to follow in case of emergency and outlines step by step process to restore data Positive Consequences: Since the Backup and recovery document was in place and provided clear instructions this allows for a quicker recovery time to restore data once normal operations resume. Ways to Improve: The Data recovery document should be refined to include the priority of data restoration when all business functions have been compromised Strength #3: Strength Details: Summary of Strength: Disaster Recovery team had previously prepared Disaster preparedness plan, a Backup and Recovery Policy, and a Business Impact Assessment. Contributing Factors: Plans Having these plans in place give the Disaster Recovery team the instructions they need when disaster strikes Policies There were policies in place for the Disaster Recovery team to follow these documents Documents Documents were readily available and helped provide basic guidance to Disaster recovery Team Positive Consequences: Having the documentation available helped the Disaster Recovery team kick off the process to restore the organization to operational status. Ways to Improve: These documents need to be

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