Fab Sweets Limited

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I. Introduction: FAB Sweets Limited is a manufacturer of high-quality sweets. The company is located in the North of England which is a medium-sized, family-owned, partially unionized and highly successful confectionery producer. The case analysis takes place in HB department, the most problematic department of the factory. The department produces and packs over 40 lines of hard-boiled candies using a batch-production system. The department has a 37 people in work, the majorities are skilled employees. This is organized in two adjacent areas: one for production staffed by men, 25 in quantity, and one for packing staffed by women, 12 in quantity. The two divisions are separated by a physical barrier overseen by a charge hand and a…show more content…
Visibility for a good employee brings potential opportunities | * An employee does not gain a particular specialization. * Moving from one job to another also gets irritating because the normal routine of an employee is disturbed and also time is wasted in adjusting to the new job. The employee may feel alienated when he/she is rotated from job to job. * Training costs are increased * Because staff members would be performing different tasks, if they discover it as a weakness, the task won’t be performed as well as by someone that is strong at it. * Staff could be rotated away from a task that they enjoy, or perform very well to a high standard which could lead to other staff members not performing the same tasks as well. | Costs and Benefit Analysis: A job rotation strategy comes with costs. When moving employees into multiple positions, you must invest time and

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