Face Everything And Rise

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Face Everything And Rise Strength (n.) ~ the quality or state of being strong. Life pushes us to be our best through the many tests and trials. These trials teach us lessons, along with making us stronger. Each and everyone 's tests are different. Such as peer pressure, problems with self-image or even learning how to carry on after a loved one has passed. During the Autumn of seventh grade my Grandfather passed away and even though I 'm sad about this it 's made me stronger. It was a hard test, but without the lessons I learned I wouldn 't be who I am today. In the end the term oil we face is worthwhile. It 's not the breaths you take that matter, but the moments that take your breath away. To me and countless others this is an important motto for life. When my Papa Jim passed away, I was taught to live by these words. When our journey is over the shiny new sports car, big houses or even your social rank won 't matter. The memories you made on your adventure of life will be the only thing you and anyone else cares about. Papa Jim was the grandparent I took to the most on my Dad’s side. He the one who loved me like his own. My Grandmother took some time getting used to me given that I wasn 't her biological child and she didn 't want to get attached for the fear of losing me. Whereas, the first time I met Papa Jim he gave me a big hug and took me on his tractor to see his bunnies. No matter what I was going to be his granddaughter. This memory will be something that
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