Face Mask Persuasive Speech

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You hustling down the ice, puck on your stick. Your on a breakaway! But then your face mask is blocking out your vision to see where a clear shot could be made! To me face masks only create problems. I think that if we eliminated the rule of needing face masks It would ultimately help more than hurt people. I understand that it could mean a few more injuries overall, but in the end it would help more than hurt.

I know face masks are to keep us safe and protect our faces, but I've had many personal experiences where it has made it difficult for me to get a clear shot off. One day while I was at sticks and pucks, shooting around with my brother, I was going up to take a shot on our goalie but when I got close enough to shoot I couldn't see anything but the goalie because of the bars on my face mask. These masks are very important at sometimes. For one
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When u get checked into the boards and slam your face the mask caves in. When the metal bars hit your face it hurts. I would much rather take a puck to my mouth then get some metal bars slammed in my face. In the NHL you can choose whether u want a face mask or not. I've seen players who have gotten hit in the face very hard and they just bled a little with maybe a couple stitches. I think that if we all just had a little higher pain tolerance we could handle this! These are just some of the reasons we should have a choice of them or not.

In previous years hockey was played without face masks. If they played like that in previous years why can't we now? Hockey has evolved a lot. Some for the best, some for the worst. Hockey sticks have become lighter, gear has become more protective. But the helmets were one of the changes that weren't good. If I don't wanna wear a face mask because I can't see well with it or because it hurts when the bars hit you, I think I should have the choice. I hope that some of these reasons could help you see that we need to have
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