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How to face your first day at work? There is a saying, “first impression is the last impression”. Every person has to face the thrill of 'first day at work'. It is a kind of thrill, as you will meet new people, face challenges and get opportunities at your new job. Once, you have accepted a job offer, you should make yourself ready for your first day at work. People or colleagues often make opinions or impressions about yourself depending on how is your first impression. This is beneficial for the people who make positive first impression, but not for them who make negative impressions by their behavior, attitude and other aspects which reflect their personality. You can follow the below mentioned tips which will help…show more content…
People make a judgment about you from your dressing style, hence, don't ignore it. In your early days at new work, you should be dressed professionally. Even on the days when casuals are allowed, try not to wear something very trendy or fashionable. Your boss can call you any time for an introductory meeting with the manager or client. 2.Have a positive attitude. Greet your colleagues once you reach the office. Have smile on your face. You should look enthusiastic and eager to work with your new team and the company. You should leave your personal problems at home, before leaving for the office. 3.Team spirit. As a part of a new team, share your ideas and thoughts with your team members. Don't try to show your talent alone, because when you are in a team you should work together. You should think and work out on new ideas as a team. Let your colleagues know that you are interested to work in a team, show your support to them. 4.Learn coworkers' names. No one will expect from you that you should remember names of all the team members and others on the first day. But you should try to remember names of your coworkers as early as possible. If in a case you forget name of a person, then please apologize and ask for it

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