Face-to-Face Communicatioin vs Computer-Mediated Communication

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Essay Question: Advances in communication technology will come at the expense of face-to-face communication. Do you agree? Stepping into the 20th century, technology is ubiquitous in every aspect of society. The great influence of technology has led to the evolution of communication means. Under these circumstances, a wide range of new communication tools have arisen lately. Social communicating networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Skype are all not strange to the public. In the meantime, the most traditional way of interaction between individuals, face-to-face communication, is fading. However, it is believed that face-to-face communication is…show more content…
This kind of communication, no doubt, makes lots of things easier and more convenient. It eradicates all kinds of problems regarding distance, as its name implies. Yet, this method deprives healthy face-to-face communication of a major element, reciprocity. In any kind of normal face-to-face conversation, reciprocity is rather easy to be included. When it comes to distance learning, reciprocity would in certain extents be minimized. For example, individuals learning in classrooms can ask their teachers questions directly and a lot of physical interactions and activities are involved. Nonetheless, individuals learning through the internet may not be able to experience so many interactions as their counterparts. Learning is all about asking questions and applying them to usage. Without adequate interactions, these goals can hardly be achieved. Reciprocity is so important it that not only affects the effectiveness of learning; it may also have great impact on society. According to Gouldner (1960), reciprocity appears to have a positive relationship with social stability. First and last, face-to-face communication is an indispensable means of interaction in the educational field. Face-to-face communication undoubtedly brings multifarious benefits to the aforementioned professionalism which computer-mediated communication cannot. Despite all these, face-to-face communication is advantageous to

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