Face-to-Face vs Social Media

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Face-to-face communication vs. social media

Table of Content

1. Introduction 3
2. Definition 3
2.1. Face-to-face communication 3
2.2. Social media 3
3. Four sided model of advice 4
4. When face-to-face communication overrules social media 5
4.1. Business to individual 5
4.2. Individual to business 5
4.3. Business to business 5
4.4. Individual to individual 6
5. When social media is beneficial 6
5.1. Business to individual 6
5.2. Individual to Business 7
5.3. Business to business 7
5.4. Individual to individual 7
6. Communication challenges 8
6.1. Comprehensibility 8
6.2. Distinctiveness 8
6.3. Information overload 8
6.4. Information arrangement 9
6.5. Wrong expectation 9
6.6. Wrong connotation 9
6.7. Reactance 9
7. Conclusion 10
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For that reason we have split the levels of communication into business to individual, individual to business, business to business and individual to individual. In the following four paragraphs it will be explained when social media is not beneficial and face-to-face communication should be applied instead.
4.1. Business to individual
Job interviews are mostly organized by employers. They are used to find out if an applicant would suit a specific position. Social competences and communication skills are probably the main parts that the employers are interested in. Using social media in this case is not useful since it is not possible to observe all four sides of advice. The business would not be able to watch the applicant’s body language and facial expressions and see the “I” and “You” messages. Neither are they able to hear the voice and see how the candidate reacts to certain questions or information. Considering this breakdown of the communication model it would be of more advantage to hold job interviews face-to-face.
4.2. Individual to business
Looking at how an individual can communicate to a business we can use the same example of the job interview. As hard as it is for the business to observe the candidate, the harder it is for the candidate to persuade the employer. One has, when
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