Facebook : A Social Networking

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Since Facebook’s inception, it has become a world-renowned social networking service connecting millions of people around the world. As of June 2014, there were over 1.3 billion active users globally. The concept of Facebook is incredibly simple, yet has managed to attract a large consumer base in such a short period of time. After registering to the site, users create an online profile specific to the individual’s preferences. Once the profile page is personalized, users add other people on the site as “friends”, send messages to people in the friend group, post pictures and status updates, share multimedia with friends, and join groups that share a common interest. Facebook has become a social media site giant and continues to trend upwards as more and more users join everyday. Mark Zuckerberg is credited as the founder of the social networking service, Facebook. During his sophomore year at Harvard, Zuckerberg first created an online website known as Facemash. The site would place images of two random Harvard girls together; users would be asked to select who was the more attractive female. Zuckerberg had hacked into Harvard’s computer network to obtain private student ID images to make Facemash possible. Facemash first launched on October 28, 2003; within just a few hours, the website had attracted over four hundred visitors and over twenty thousand photo hits. Harvard quickly shut down the website and Zuckerberg faced expulsion from the school due to a violation of
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