Facebook : A Social Networking Site

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When one joins a social networking site, they basically sign their rights over to that site (Friends Without Boarders). Many people do not read the terms and conditions when making an account to begin with, so they never know what they are really getting into (Friends Without Boarders). For instance, did you know on Facebook when someone joins, it automatically allows Facebook to access their information? They collect data from their members off of third party websites, so they can tailor the website towards them and their interests (Friends Without Boarders). One specific way in which Facebook does this is through banner advertisements. Facebook has over 176 billion banner ads that show up in the first three months of membership alone (Friends Without Boarders)! What is unique about these advertisements is that they are different on every single person’s page. These specific advertisements are based off of what each member ‘likes’ on Facebook, or other websites that have the option (Friends Without Boarders). In addition to likes, the more updates Facebook gets someone to share and the more preferences they make public, the more data there is to pool for advertisers (Friends Without Boarders). As if this was not already enough Facebook also introduced something called “peer pressure advertising.” This means if someone’s friend clicks the ‘like’ button they will soon find an ad on their Facebook page suggesting it. This information is then shared on other websites, so that

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