Facebook & Advertising

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DBI : Synopsis. In the last couple of years, Facebook, founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, has gone from a college photo-sharing site to a burgeoning business- networking platform for self-promotion, advertising and multimedia interaction. With new apps and add-ons, Facebook users can send each other a virtual drink, create and host events, advertise their businesses through social ads, and more. When Charlie Gibson hosted the debate for the 2008 presidential candidates along with Facebook, the little networking site became a powerhouse in the online-marketing community. But will Facebook ever drive the Business of advertising ? How can Facebook Ads compete with Google Adwords and become the leader in the Business of Advertising ?…show more content…
Facebook’s algorithms also pick up on behaviors from user “fanning” and groups a user joins. So Facebook’s advertising is like catnip for marketers. It allows marketers to reach a highly targeted demographic efficiently and cheaply. That’s we can call Geomarketing and this one provides several advantages for advertisers because Facebook users are spending more time on the network than ever (5.75 hours per month) and they have passed the 500 million mark for active users. Nevertheless, the strategy of Facebook meets also some problems with advertising and needs to be improved. The first one is that Facebook does not touch old people and especially resistants to new technologies. So Facebook is still behind Google Adwords concerning this point. Then, the advertisers can pay for many false clicks. Indeed there is a big difference between the number of clicks on your Facebook and visits on ads. The ads on Facebook are not targeted as effectively as Google Adwords. You can not choose to appear for highly targeted keywords (eg "buying software "). The several changes in design of the Facebook page can impair and influence the visibility of the ads. Some surveys show that visitors from Facebook are "less good" that the visitors from Google Adwords: - Less page views / visits (1.58 / 2, 19) - Less time spent on the page: 0.37 cons
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