Why Is Social Networking Considered Private?

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We live in a time when people like to share some of their lives on the Internet. Social networking has been a popular activity most teenagers and adults in their daily life. It is a daily life routine for some people, whether it is interacting with friends, sharing pictures or thoughts and even advertising a certain business such as a bakery or a salon. Some popular social networking platforms include Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. On a platform such as Facebook, anything can be shared such as pictures and statuses and you and your friends can see them. Posting things online so that it can only be seen by you or your friends is not considered private. It isn’t considered private because if you were to have your page public, many other people you don’t know have access to your profile and see what you post. Hackers are another reason your profile isn’t considered private. There have been different cases in which so many people are getting hacked nowadays. People realize that online networking can enable to land a position, yet not every person understands that it can be justification for losing one, as well. With your Facebook profile being set to a public setting, everyone that isn’t on your friends list can see your posts. Some people not realize it and are just careless on what they post. Meaning that you can go on somebody’s profile and see anything from their posts, picture, and even information such as birthdays or email addresses. All of your little
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