Facebook And Its Effects On Society

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The year 1983 improved many lives and made the impossible possible, and that was the internet. The internet changed the lives of people and it has become an essential part of their lifestyle; yet as years went on, the internet has progressed into something bigger than people would have ever thought of. Then the next big life changer was in 2004 and it changed society mental and physical appearance. This invention has become eat and sleep process and it has turned into an addition to the people on Earth. This addiction had become people’s new favorite drug and that is Facebook. Facebook is the most popular social networking website on the internet. The main concept to having the social network is to keep people in touch with all their…show more content…
Lastly, if there is a particular group of people that want to talk, they can start a group chat. Little do people know starting group chat is very essential to kids in school, because kids can start a study group on Facebook chat to help them collaborate with other student that can possible help them study for test or ask for homework help. In contrary, time does go by and people start to grow up and move on with their lives, which can mean moving away from family and friends. It is very important to keep in contact with our love ones, yet that can be hard at time. Calling each other can be difficult to arrange, yet with Facebook it makes people’s lives a whole lot easier to stay in contact with. They can see what their family or friend are up to by looking at their posting, and if they are feeling like they need to talk to one of their friends or family they can simply send messages that only take about two minutes to send. Having social media make humans feel like they are right next to their loved one side, and they feel like they are not missing out on what happening in their lives. In addition, not only can your communicate with others through Facebook, but they can play games with them. Making the distance seem not so far away and making them closer. On the other hand, people spend approximately 15 hours on Facebook per month, which mean humans are subcluding
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