Facebook And Its Effects On Society

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Welcome to the twenty-first century where society is accustomed to staring at glaring screens rather than communicating face to face. There are infinite amounts of social networking websites; one of them, which took the world by storm, is Facebook. Facebook enables its millions of users to connect with each other worldwide, with just a single click of a button we are able to connect with whomever we desire. This gives ordinary Americans a lot of power; maybe too much that may affect us socially and psychologically. In just a small amount of time Facebook becomes a priority, users will begin to excessively check their Facebook for notifications. Gradually the addiction of Facebook will emerge. Author Maria Konnikova certainly makes her statement loud and clear about Facebook, she believes that Facebook has more negative outcomes than positive. Though, I am a Facebook user myself I can’t help but agree with Konnikova. Konnikova’s article How Facebook Makes Us Unhappy has multiple examples on how Facebook may be affecting us. “We want to learn about other people and have others learn about us- but through that very learning process we may start to resent both others’ lives and the image of ourselves that we feel we need to continuously maintain” (Konnikova, page1). This becomes exceptionally true, on Facebook many users have a different persona, social media allows its users to step away from reality and become whomever they are willing to portray. For example, many users do
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