Facebook And Its Impact On College Students

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Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, a 19 year old sophomore psychology student at Harvard University. (Carlson, 2010) Originally called “theFacebook” Zuckerberg came up with the name “taken from the sheets of paper distributed to freshmen, profiling students and staff” (Phillips, 2007). A site that was originally developed for college students exclusively, quickly spread to other schools who wanted in on its use. By March 2004, less than a month after its inception, Facebook expanded to Stanford, Columbia, and Yale, as well as all Ivy League Colleges throughout the Boston area and along the east coast, then to most Universities in Canada and the United States (Mashable, 2012). Zuckerberg had already created several other social networking sites for Harvard students during his short time as an alumnus there. A talented coder and network visionary, he utilized his talents initially to take stabs at other students by creating “Facemash” with fellow Harvard alums Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz. “Facemash” was a game for Harvard students that allowed users to “compare two students picture side-by-side and choose which of the two students was “hot or not” (Wikipedia 2009). The “Facemash” website was the backdrop and predecessor for what would become “theFacebook”. As for the invention of “theFacebook”, there is a huge controversy as to whether Zuckerberg even came up with the idea on his own. Zuckerberg was believed by some to have
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