Facebook And Its Impact On Modern Society

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Boasting nearly 1.5 billion active users (“Number of Monthly Facebook Users”, 2015). Facebook’s crown of “most popular social network worldwide” (“Leading Social Networks Worldwide”, 2015) is easy to believe. Macmillan Dictionary officially defines “Facebook” as a transitive verb meaning “to communicate with someone by using the Facebook website” (“Facebook”, 2008). Although Facebook originated as a mode of communication between college students, creator Mark Zuckerberg opened the site up to the general public in 2006. Since then, the social networking empire has made a mark on modern society by connecting old friends and distant family. Such a regime, however, does not come without its pitfalls. While Facebook touts a number of positive, understanding its negative impacts is vital. Facebook, first and foremost, connects people. An initial difficulty with high school graduation, venturing off to college, and entering the proverbial “real-world” is losing contact with childhood friends. Facebook serves to eliminate this problem. Families separated by distance also feel the benefits of the social network. Friends and families keep each other up-to-date with status updates, recent pictures and videos, and messages. Users are also able to chat with each other live through voice or video calls. Where real life makes visiting distant friends and family difficult, Facebook makes it simple and user-friendly. All of these features are free to use and can be taken
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