Facebook And Its Impact On Society

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Consequences of Facebook: Creativity, Convenience, and Change Facebook is one of the most popular social media in the world. Over the past decade, Facebook has been adopted by an increasing number of people. With over 1.5 billion users online every month and 1 billion users every day, Facebook plays an important role of socializing and communicating in several people’s lives . Not only do Facebook allow users to see their friends’ posts and updates, Facebook users can also access it anywhere with an app on a mobile device. As a result, Facebook has a tremendous impact on its users in several different aspects. Some, like anthropologist Daniel Miller, argues that Facebook generates negative consequences such as causing relationship issues on the individual level and changing social interactions among people. While others, such as sociologist Everett M. Rogers, argues that consequences of innovations, regardless of whether they are unanticipated or anticipated, can be perceived as positive or negative consequences . Even though Miller criticizes how Facebook influences people negatively, Facebook actually positively impacts individuals and societies in certain situations through sparking creativity, providing convenience, and creating changes. Facebook sparks creativity among its users. Creativity occurs when Facebook users change the function of Facebook, usually from social to comedic purposes, without changing the form of Facebook. As of 2015, users can have a profile
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