Facebook And Social Networking Sites

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Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook when he was 23 years old while he attended Harvard University. Zuckerberg went to Harvard to study psychology and while he went there he developed a number of social networking sites that allowed students to view other students with the same degree and others where users could rate people’s attractiveness. When Facebook was first launched in February of 2004 it was called “The Facebook”. 1,200 Harvard students signed up and had a Facebook profile within the first 24 hours it was launched and after a month half of the undergraduate students at Harvard had a profile (Phillips, Sarah, Brief History of Facebook). The network soon began to expand to other Ivy League schools and eventually to all U.S. universities. It became Facebook.com in 2005, shortly after U.S. High Schools could sign up and Facebook began to spread worldwide (Phillips, Sarah, Brief History of Facebook). In 2006 anyone with a registered email address could sign up and get a profile. Facebook is free to join, the site makes its profits from advertisements. The Facebook platform in 2007 was the first time a large company effectively opened their API and provided a new type of distribution, game playing and sharing with friends. In 2015 Facebook began with its new messenger platform. Messenger Platform lends itself well to turn-style games and media distribution, Giphy, HappyAlchemy and Apptly — something other platforms have had a hard time with (Schippers, Ben, Facebook…
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