Facebook And The Impact On Society

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Facebook and the Impact on Society If you walk into a classroom full of teenagers and ask how many of them have a type of social media, and a majority of the students will raise their hand. Social media has become a lifeline in countless people’s lives in today’s society. One of the most popular social networking sites is Facebook. With millions of account holders, it is hard to find an individual who does not associate with Facebook. This shows that Facebook impacts a vast number of people throughout the world. For many, Facebook has become their way of socializing, causing people’s social skills to plummet. Mediation is a form of way people receive and connect to certain information acquired from a certain type of media. Facebook happens to be an example of mediation, because people are able to receive recent and sometimes past news. Facebook can also affect ways individuals respond to the information they learn about. This social media also has the potential of becoming dangerous for account holders. Facebook has become an addicting source of entertainment and a direct factor in the way people develop their social skills today, causing more people to struggle with face-to-face interaction.
Facebook has come a long way since its birth in 2004. As of today, Facebook has accumulated over five hundred million Facebook users, predicting that a typical user spends around or more than 20 minuets out of the day scrolling through the social media site. Out of those million…

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