Facebook Argument Paper

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People who want to keep in touch with friends and family commonly use Social Networking sites. The most popular of these sites include, Classmates, MySpace, Friendster, Live Journal, Twitter and the most common, Facebook. Facebook allows users to connect to others by sharing pictures, blogs, videos, interests and more and has taken over American teens and even adults. There have been sites long before Facebook was created but this fairly new site has become the most popular today by far. Since 2004 this site has gained over 175 million active users and is still growing. It is tough to say when the issue over Facebook arose but within the past year debates have been coming up more frequently. The controversy over Facebook ignites…show more content…
Ways to avoid these problems are to not post phone numbers, email addresses, credit card numbers, or any other form of private personal identification. By taking the right precautions and keeping oneself safe there is no need to be worried about the dangers of Facebook and other sites. Researched Argument Part Three AP Lang Social networking sites do provide some positive aspects but generally bring about negative attention according to Jennifer Sexton. Sexton believes that, “networking websites are socially isolating and remove individuals from natural social situations” (Sexton). She also believes these sites prove to be more dangerous than people understand them to be and the online friendships do not provide the same benefits as face to face relationships. Jennifer Sexton makes the point that social networking sites, mainly Facebook, are unhealthy in today’s society because it encourages people to sit at their computer and make friends with a computer screen. Spending time on the computer making friends is not the same as making face-to-face friendships for many reasons. People who are making friends online are no getting daily exercise they need. Also another big factor is that it is a questionable form of friendship. Meaning, “…so called “online friends” have the ability to create their own personal profiles with a surprising degree of creative
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