Facebook Can Be Thought Of As Antibiotics

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Facebook could be thought of as antibiotics. When antibiotics were introduced mainstream in 1945 (Aminav, 2010) they were a wondrous drug based in biology and ancient practices of medicine. There is no doubt the magnitude antibiotics have had on the development of our civilization. They have created a cure for most human ailments previously causing long-term illness and mortality. We owe our lives and society to antibiotics in a large way. Facebook is the same way. For our social, connectivity and information sharing lives that is. Facebook jumped to the top in popularity for social networking sites and changed the way people communicate, connect, relate and do business. What doctors, researchers and consumers did not know in 1945 was…show more content…
Everyone has the opportunity to explore their identity in a new way via Facebook. There are a lot of positive aspects to Facebook, that we can continue to list. I am not going to focus on those, however, assuming these are the expected outcomes of Facebook use I hope to raise questions and awareness about the social and emotional costs of Facebook and the cautions we must take with it. My interest is in protection and prevention from ailments and issues caused or perpetuated by Facebook. Nothing in this universe is without consequence, and when we have a large and far reaching social phenomena we must analyze these consequences. One area of concern for Facebook use is that of individuals struggling to create meaningful relationships and seeking Facebook to do so. It is true that Facebook is a great opportunity for those who may struggle with face to face interactions to develop a strong sense of self and identity formation through their Facebook profile. But what studies are showing is that those who may struggle in real life might not be well enough equipped to do so in the online realm either. A couple factors contributing to an individual’s inability or struggle with interpersonal relationships might be depression and/or low self esteem. Both of these factors are looked at in research studies to see if Facebook is a positive tool for this population. To look closely at low self esteem, I examined two studies done around the topic in regards to
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