Facebook Finally Deletes Millions of Embarrassing Pictures from Its Servers After Years of Keeping Them Against Users' Wishes

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Facebook finally deletes millions of embarrassing pictures from its servers after years of keeping them against users ' wishes Issue of accessible 'deleted ' photos was first raised three years ago Facebook now says pictures will be permanently removed from its server within a maximum of 30 days [pic]26 August 2012 Facebook users who delete inappropriate or embarrassing images from their accounts - with the the benefit of hindsight - can now have peace of mind that the files will be permanently destroyed. Until recently, any pictures erased from an account would in fact remain stored by Facebook and anyone who had…show more content…
Research suggests that up to 91% of employers now use social sites such as MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and LinkedIn to screen job applicants. [pic] Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg, pictured, came under fire three years ago when users realised their deleted photos were still held by the company As many as 69% say they have rejected candidates based on information on their accounts. There are also numerous cases of employees who have lost their jobs as a result of images or information posted on such social networking media, intentionally or not. Most notably, US Republican Anthony Weiner resigned after publicly posting a lewd picture of himself to a woman on Twitter, instead of privately sending the photo to her account. Also in the US, schoolteacher Ashley Payne, 24, was given the option of resigning or a suspension after a parent complained about a Facebook photo of her with a glass of wine and a pint of beer. She resigned. Some experts say that young people should be advised on the risks of sharing everything about their lives on publicly available social networks. Since Facebook floated on the stock exchange in May this year, some argue that improving glitches in the system, such as picture removal and deletion, will become more pressing concerns for the company as it seeks to be a more attractive media stock than its rivals. Finally, Facebook to delete embarrassing photos forever Aug 28,
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