Facebook Has Changed The Face Of Social Media

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Since 2004, Facebook has changed the face of social media altogether. Facebook was originally designed for the average student to stay connected to other college students within the area. After years of growth, the social media platform has completely transformed into a space parents and even grandparents can navigate with ease. Because there are so many people within the site, there is room for problems to arise within everyday use. Facebook has made it so that users can change and maintain their privacy settings, however friends can tag one another in photos, which their friends can see and find you by a click of a button. This questions the level of safety that Facebook has. Although Facebook is a fun way to stay connected with friends and family, its first priority is to make and create revenue, which in return has tendencies to compromise the company’s ethical values and the users personal privacy. Many researchers have conducted studies about Facebook privacy and why people are so blind to the risks, how users become vulnerable to exploited privacy, and the problems that may arise because of these issues. This paper reviews different research on Facebook privacy to further understand the reasons Facebook users are not taking the correct precautions to keep their privacy confidential as well as how these studies are alike and how they contrast. With a better understanding of users motives on privacy, researchers can better educate people on how to safeguard…
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