Facebook Has Changed The Face Of Social Media

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Introduction Since 2004, Facebook has changed the face of social media altogether. Facebook was originally designed for the average student to stay connected to other college students within the area. After years of growth, the social media platform has completely transformed into a space parents and even grandparents can navigate with ease. Because there are so many people within the site, there is room for problems to arise within everyday use. Facebook has made it so that users can change and maintain their privacy settings, however friends can tag one another in photos, which their friends can see and find you by a click of a button. This questions the level of safety that Facebook has. Although Facebook is a fun way to stay connected…show more content…
User Vulnerability In 2006 Facebook enabled the News Feed feature, which was a page that stated various information like who commented on this persons post, which person liked what, changed relationship statuses, and any other information that a person has entered into Facebook. At the time students were the only people using Facebook and they were outraged at this invasion of privacy, they did not want their every move to be accessible to all of their friends. Finally the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, put out a statement saying that this information is already public and that it will help people be able to keep up with other friends (Boyd, 2008). As upset as people were, the News Feed feature did not change, in fact, it is still present today and is a key factor in what makes Facebook. Boyd looked into the way that technology makes information more accessible, especially in social media and how this can also be detrimental to users privacy. He states that “Privacy is a sense of control over information, the context where sharing takes place, and the audience who can gain access. Information is not private because no one knows it; it is private because the knowing is limited and controlled” (Boyd, 2008). This quote is important about Internet privacy, in order to keep your information safe you must be in control of who sees it. Likewise, Öngün and Demirağ explain the idea that our privacy is being
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