Facebook Has Enriched My Life

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"Fame is very much a double-edged sword.” – Kevin Bacon --

I can liken my presence on the web to a double-edged sword because of the associated advantages and disadvantages. In a positive sense, it has allowed me to establish a professional presence that I use to showcase my work to my peers, professors, and potential employers. In a negative sense, it has changed the way I communicate with friends and family members, which has stifled some relationships by making them less personal than they would be without the “aid” of the web.

When I first came to State University, I tried to minimize my presence on the web by selecting privacy settings that would not allow people outside the State community to view my work. I was under the
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This only reinforces the idea that a Facebook “friendship” is often perceived as empty and meaningless. Typically, when I think of someone as a “friend,” I don’t consider my Facebook friends first, but rather the people who I have recently interacted with on a more personal level. Even though one has the ability to have hundreds, or even thousands, more Facebook friends than might be feasible for real life, I do not believe that Facebook has changed the upper limits of friendship “previously set by nature” but rather serves as a supplement for real-world friendships and a breeding ground for digital friendships. Although most users have well below Professor Robin Dunbar’s upper limit of 150 friends, the “Dunbar number,” most of my Facebook friends have between 200 and 2,000 friends (The Virtual Revolution). Personally, I have 705 Facebook “friends” which includes real-world friends, digital friends, family members, acquaintances, and even some celebrities. However, I only associate with a handful of these “friends,” mostly real-world friends and family members, and I don’t consider each one of these 705 friendships the same way. A major advantage of Facebook is that it allows me to maintain a “digital friendship” with those who I’m unable to maintain a real-world friendship. I think of a “digital friendship” as one that may or may not have started on-line and has significantly more on-line interaction than in-person interaction. In contrast, a “real-world friendship”
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