Facebook Is A Social Media

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Twitter is a social media app where teens can share and experience what’s going throughout their lives and what’s going on throughout the world. People can use twitter in many ways, they can share pictures and other people’s tweets or they can simply tweet about what they want. Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass. The app can be retrieved through any smartphone and the cost of it is free. Twitter is like Facebook, you can post any type of pictures and comments on both apps, but there are certain things you cannot post on Facebook like more revealing pictures that you can on twitter. Twitter is worth around 30 billion dollars and has around 500 million tweets per day. Anyone can use Twitter, there is no age restriction to use twitter like Facebook, which is 13. Twitter is known to be for much more of a mature audience because it can contain inappropriate things that Facebook usually blocks out. This is not to say that twitter can’t be used for much positive things that can benefit your kid’s every day. Twitter is a place where people go to receive news of what’s going on in the world from celebrities, friends, groups, sport teams, etc. Twitter compares to a common barbershop or saloon, People go there to usually talk about what’s going on their lives and other people their listen and give advice. Tweeting is the main attribute to twitter, you are allowed 140 characters to summarize a general topic you want to express
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