Facebook Is An Accepted Means Of Communication

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Summary of the Case Facebook is an accepted means of communication. It is a never-ending virtual social gathering. It meets two primary human needs: (1) the need to belong and (2) the need for self-presentation. Studies show that it is used mostly to relieve boredom, but every once in a while to express political and social views. It is a popular free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg, founded Facebook while studying psychology at Harvard University. At the time it was just a coding project in Mark Zuckerberg 's Havard dorm room. Now, in 2015, its a global business with $4 billion of revenue that is used by 1/8th of the world 's population. And it 's worth more than $100 billion. When Facebook started, there were dozens of other social networks going after the same opportunity. Currently, it has passed 1.2 billion users and it is a social media platform that cannot be ignored. This case seeks to explore why people use Facebook and the things they do while they are on it. It also evaluates the different methods through areas critical platform through which Facebook makes money. These will lead to making recommendations on the effectiveness of these platforms in monetizing Facebook. II CRITICAL ISSUES A. Successful Advertisement 1. Advertisement Revenue Advertising brings in the bulk of Facebook’s revenue currently
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