Facebook Is Becoming A Social Building Block

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Facebook is searching for an anthropologist. In today’s day and age, Facebook has become a common name in most households. Our users range from early teens all the way through the oldest adults to businesses and friend groups alike. These spanning uses are breaching the earliest plans for Facebook and growing at rates unimaginable. Therefore, we are looking for someone to begin to investigate these outcrops of our social network and discover our true meaning. Facebook has become a way of life. Users look to Facebook to connect with old friends, relatives, and teams. They meet new people, ask questions, and send feedback. Through over ten years of Internet success, we have begun to develop our mission and goals, all with a plan and larger set of aims. So why do we want an anthropologist? Its simple, Facebook has transformed itself into something more then we ever expected. Facebook has become a social building block. We need someone to study it as a science. One obvious example of our entwinement into society comes when something horrible occurs and we go offline. Business Standard reported scary but true incidents in their article, Facebook outage causes users to dial 911. When our site went offline, “a number of Los Angeles residents went a step ahead and actually dialed 911… Such incidents are likely to once again focus attention on people’s growing dependence on their online lives” (Business Standard:2014). Users depend on Facebook to such an extent that they equate it…
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