Facebook Is The Leading Social Media Network

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II. Introduction:

Advancements in technology and more so in the fields of information and communication technology have led to the advent of social media. These are platforms that allow for individuals to exchange information and ideas through virtual networks that rely on web based applications. Social media platforms are in different forms such as blogs, video sharing sites, and social networks among others. Some of the popular social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Wikipedia, LinkedIn and Youtube.

III. Summary:

By virtue of the amount of time spent on the site, Facebook is the leading social media network. Founded in 2004, it is estimated that this social network had over a billion monthly active users in 2013. Facebook is free and enables its users to create profiles, keep in touch with their friends and upload or share pictures and videos. It has also been suggested Facebook largely caters to educated users. A Pew Internet and American Life Project report found the educational distribution of Facebook users to be as follows: pre high school 5 percent, high school 26 percent, trade school or some college 34 percent, bachelor degree 20 percent, and graduate school 15 percent. Despite majority of its users being educated, most Facebook users are complacent towards issues of privacy or the risks of internet usage in general. In 2005, serious flaws in Facebook’s set up that would enable breaches in people’s privacy and allow for data mining were…

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