Facebook Is The Most Popular Social Networking

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FACEBOOK What is Facebook and how is it used? Even though Facebook is one of many social networking websites, it is arguably the most popular social networking website available today. Facebook allows users to easily connect with friends and family members, colleagues or any other Facebook users over the internet. The only requirements are an internet connection and a basic computing device. Once the user has created a profile, they can instantly share their thoughts, location, pictures, and videos. People interact with it using their computers, tablets, and smartphones. After a person’s profile is created they can then invite friends to join their circle. After adding a few friends Facebook uses algorithms suggest more friends to help build the social network. Facebook is unique compared to other forms of online communications such as email and texts because it allows the user to communicate and share interactively friends and family all at the same time. Then receive the gratification of almost instantaneous feedback in the form of on-line comments and likes. FIGURE 1: Sample Interface for Creating Posts How was Facebook Invented? Personal communication is one of the deepest human needs. Facebook revolutionized the face of communication from a personal interaction to a personal interaction with a computer interface. The product was originally developed in 2004 by a Harvard student named Mark Zuckerberg and his friends as a dating website called,
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