Facebook Is The Most Successful And Popular Form Of Social Media

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Facebook is the most successful and popular form of social media. It was established in 2004 and has over 900 million active users; half of who use it on a mobile device. It also appears in 77 different languages. Because of its overwhelming popularity, Facebook is a widely used outlet for marketers worldwide. Facebook and social media as a whole play a large role in a company’s Integrated Marketing Communications strategy. Companies are incorporating social media into their marketing mix to reach more consumers on the Internet as well as on smart phones (Porterfield 2010). Facebook in particular is extremely successful for large well-known companies. Coca-Cola and McDonalds have millions of fans just on their Facebook pages. This proves…show more content…
However, fairly recently the Internet and specifically social media has been able to transform communication into a broadcast for the masses. The term for this new phenomenon is “consumer-generated media” and Facebook has been a pioneer for it. People are posting more and more about purchases they make and products they like (Blackshaw 2004). The electronic word of mouth is being referred to as eWOM and it is when a brand creates social media posts, comments, tweets, product reviews, videos, photos, and open conversations with online communities and it becomes earned media (Brito 2013). By 2010 the Society of Digital Research reported that 45% of senior marketers worldwide named social networks and applications their top priority. However, the study claims that marketing departments are lacking strategic plan. Altimeter Group conducted research and identified eight criteria for creating a successful Facebook marketing plan. The group then tested the results on 30 top brands in different industries. The eight criteria are as follows: to set community expectations; provide cohesive branding; be up to date; live authenticity; participate in dialog; enable peer-to-peer interactions; foster advocacy; and solicit a call to action. The first step is about clearly setting expectations so that fans will know how to best interact with the page. First, companies and brands need to
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