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Goal: 4 Things You Likely Don’t Know About Facebook Marketing

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Title: 4 Things You Likely Don’t Know About Facebook Marketing

Have you been marketing on Facebook but don’t seem to be getting a lot out of it? Are you measuring your social media activities? As a business, you definitely should be, but many don’t. According to a recent report, only 42% of business surveyed stated that they were able to measure their social activities.

When you spend money on advertising, you should be paying attention to your return on investment (ROI). However, in 2014, only 37% of business said they were able to measure this figure. Compare that number to the 87% of businesses who said they planned to increase their time and money investment on social media, and you can see that there is an issue with those figures.

Many businesses using social media today don’t know what it is doing for them, but they continue to spend time and money on those platforms. Would you spend money on a diet meal service but never get on a scale to see if you are making improvements in your health and weight? Blindly spending money on Facebook without tracking your results is essentially the same thing. Wouldn’t you like to have a successful marketing strategy that allows you to see positive results?

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of ready-to-act prospects on Facebook that will fill your sales funnel and give you the revenue you need. However, there are certain…
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