Facebook New Job Portal Production Needs

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Facebook New Job Portal Production Needs Behind any company’s success, there are many connected operational activities working in a continuous cycle while the management and employees try to find ways to make them more efficient. This section addresses the production needs of the new Facebook job portal. Cycle Time The cycle time is described as the total time used to produce a good or service to respond customers’ demands. In the e-commerce industry, the IT infrastructure must meet the requirements to deliver or process information. Russell, R.S. and Bernard, T. (2013), states “…Researchers have found that Internet users have a particularly low tolerance for poorly de- signed sites and cumbersome navigation” (p.166). The quality of the design must be intensely tested out prior its release day; some technique that can be used are the effect analysis and value design analysis. The final product is expected to be finished and ready to be released at the 15th week of its development. Also, The website is expected to respond customers’ clicks in less than a second. The takt time will be calculated by the time that users are willing to wait to access each webpage; which include finding the job portal website, searching the desired company and applying for the position. According to Nah, F. (2004), “…study suggests that the presence of feedback prolongs Web users’ tolerable waiting time and the tolerable waiting time for information retrieval is approximately 2 seconds” (p. 1).
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