Facebook: Our Technological Human Web Essay

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What is it about Facebook that is so intriguing? It drives bosses and professors crazy as subordinates peruse profiles, notes and pictures of their friends and friends of friends instead of doing the tasks at hand. Is it that we can connect our past and present(what do you mean past and present) together in a public forum? Perhaps our intrigue is really fueled by the framework, multimedia elements, and multifacetedness of our profiles, which promote our narcissism in a socially acceptable public medium. Facebook’s framework makes it all about us, under the message of connectivity. The intrigue is not so much the content of each profile, but the ingenious way in which Facebook is able to link people and their interests, with pictures,…show more content…
Everyone who knows you and John will be informed through news feeds that the two of you have reconnected from the “People You May Know Tool.” If the connection happened in a wall post, others can view the very connection synapse. Facebook enables our narcissism through self-promotion beyond the ease of creating our profile page. Its framework links us to others and allows everyone to see our link. Take for instance the opening “Home Page”. You are greeted with news feeds about everyone in your network. Secretly, you may wonder what are people seeing about you in their news feed as well. Therefore, we make sure that every word, acronym or IMglish term is carefully chosen. Do we say that we gained 5lbs in the past week on our status updates? No! We instead say something cute, thought provoking or self-promoting. Status updates are like friend bait. What you state in your status will bait your friends for comments. Comments feed our ego – narcissism. The public facets of our Facebook profile and actions coupled with the interactions of others fuel our narcissism. Each facet, news feed, comment, picture, video and red text bubble of notifications tells us “it is all about me”. How are status updates friend bait?(don't use a question, might sound better) Publicly, in one hundred seventy characters or less we can tell everyone we know our current emotion. Narcissistically, we think they care. Even those who say, “I’m not feeling well today” are looking

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