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Facebook I. Mission Statement: Facebook’s mission statement in the case is to increase information flow between people and to help people learn what’s going on in their world and express themselves. Facebook’s mission statement according to their website is “to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected (Facebook, 2011)”. Vision Statement: Facebook’s vision statement is to create a vibrant, growing online community of members who are able to leverage the power of their relationships in a way that was never before possible. Business Strategy: Facebook’s business strategy has several elements. The first part of the strategy is to limit the availability of the member’s profile to only their friends and…show more content…
- Developing additional software tools and services - Continuing to acquire and purchase companies and to form more affiliates - Developing ways to prevent the ease of cyber attacks - Platform licenses fee - Facebook platform - third party development - Joint ventures - Reduce Spam - Mobile applications - Offering virtual items to purchase that can be used on the website - Using other networking site to stay connected – Twitter - Innovation - Allow users to customize their profile - Developing a way to have a two-way communication (customer service) between user and company - Real-time chat Threats: - Competition – My Space - Spamming - Legal issues - Privacy issues - Cultural differences - Economy - Rapid technological changes/advances – increase pressure to stay one step ahead - The application and programs mature quickly and the users get bored easily after a few attempt to use the applications. The applications have a one-time usage and hence boring. - Have to find way to keep the interest of younger generation Trends: - Ecommerce - Mobile Service - Shopping - Social Responsibility - Groups (Hispanic, Gay & Lesbian) - Seniors - II. Facebook case study

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