Facebook: The End of Friendship As We Know It Essay

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Facebook: It's The End of Friendship As We Know It (and I feel fine) Manjoo’s essay 'Is Facebook a Fad' provides extensive insight into various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Based on statistics derived from Manjoo’s essay, we get to know that Facebook has over one billion active users and one half of them log into their accounts each day (Manjoo p.223). William Deresiewicz also eludes to this in his essay 'Faux Friendship'. As a result of so many people opting to turn to social networking sites, this in turn has made friendship to smoothly be integrated into the various new electronic lifestyles. One way that these sites poses an imminent threat to our ability to communicate face to face, is that,…show more content…
In respect to this, our individual friendship becomes blurred since we tend to spend a lot of time chatting with people who are far away from us instead of concentrating on those around us. Thus to Deresiewicz 'the more people we know the lonelier we get' (Deresiewicz p.478). According to Deresiewicz one of the ways that social networks have shaped our identity is that, nowadays, people are willing and eager to conduct their private lives in public. For instance, people comment about their personal feelings or their whereabouts not knowing of the dangers they pose to themselves. Anything posted on facebook, can be seen by anyone so long as he or she is your friend thus most people comment about their private lives not keeping in mind that not everyone is as friendly as he or she seems in social networking sites. According to Deresiewicz, the value of friendship lies in the space of privacy it creates and not based on secrets that two people share (Deresiewicz p.478). In reference to Deresiewicz, it’s also important to note that most people impersonate themselves while on social networking sites thus making us feel that we quite don’t really know the people we refer to us as being close friends. One of the ways that social networking sites have redefined the concept of friendship is that, it has led to an end, the classical
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