Facebook : The Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Imagine if social media was wiped off the planet, would people be able to communicate efficiently? In today’s time people have become reliant upon the usage of social media for everything from weather to what’s going on in the world today. In a world full of devices and technology people every day have the opportunity to interact with one another and build relationships. Social media has been proven by various researchers to play a role in a person’s social development, whether that development be positive or negative. Research has shown that social media plays a large role in the lives of people today. These ways include but are not limited to, the spreading of news, building relationships and advance the human search for better health. It is possible you may be wondering what social media even is and why there is a controversy around it. Social media is websites or applications where people can come together and talk with one another, or even form relationships online. Facebook being the world’s largest Social media platform was made in 2004 in Cambridge and has had over 2 billion members since 2017. Facebook having an age limit on it showing that its users should be responsible to join. Facebook isn’t alone there are other social media websites like Instagram, Snapchat, and more that have member bases of multiple millions. According to research, social media has several positive outcomes with its use, these include but are not limited to, fast communication during
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